An open letter to Jim Koch

I’ve been really enjoying the Samuel Adams Brewmaster’s Collection, but I have a minor complaint.  Why the hell does this collection include the Boston Lager and Boston Ale??  Don’t get me wrong, I like both of those beers.  But, I can get them anytime, anywhere.  The other beers in the Brewmaster’s Collection are not so easy to come by.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen the other beers available for sale on their own, outside of a “mix-pack”.

There are some really great beers in this collection.  However, with the inclusion of the Boston Lager and Boston Ale, it means that you only get two of each style of beer.  I would much rather have three each of the other styles than to have the two more common beers included in this.  Again, I can get the Lager and Ale anywhere.

How do the two most common Sam Adams beers even warrant being a part of the “Brewmaster’s Collection”?  I know they are your “flagship” beers, but, come on.  Do they really stand up next to the Scotch Ale or the Honey Porter?  (FYI, my absolute favorite in this collection is the Scotch Ale – I really do wish I could find this for sale separately.) Again, nothing against the Boston Lager and Ale, but I would so much rather have more of the other styles of beer in this collection.

So please, next time around consider leaving out the more common beers in these otherwise magnificent collections.

By chitowngeorge Posted in Beer