R.I.P., I.P.A.

I finished off the last of the batch of my IPA this weekend.  I’m always a little sad when I finish of the last of a batch.  It’s weird, when you brew your own beer, because you think of what went into making that batch.  Sure, you could make another batch with that same recipe, but that batch, that little piece of you is now gone forever.

At the same time (well, not exactly at the same time – it’s just a figure of speech – but you get my meaning) I racked the Porter that I brewed last weekend to the secondary (for those of you not in the know, that means I transferred the beer from the primary fermenter to the secondary).  So, the circle of Life (beer is Life, after all) continues.

I can’t wait to try the porter, by the way.  I added some licorice and vanilla beans to the boil.  When I was transferring the beer I could smell a hint of those ingredients in it.  That gave me high hopes for the end product!

By chitowngeorge Posted in Beer