In the studio

We (Call it Karma) spent the weekend in the studio laying down tracks for a yet-to-be-named upcoming CD release.  We hope to have some pressings of it available by the time we play our show at The Store on April 27th.

We’re doing this now, by the way, because Erin is moving in May and will therefore be leaving the band.  We’re deeply saddened by this, of course (except for Erin, who embarks on the next chapter in her life – we wish her Good Luck), but we wanted to have some good documentation of where we’re at as a band at this point in time.  So, we decided to finally record a full length album.

We’ll be finishing some overdubs over the next week and a half, and then the engineer does his magic.  (Yes, we’ve actually got an engineer this time, instead of mixing it ourselves.  The final product should be light years ahead of the last release.)

Eventually, we’re going to shop this to independent record labels.  Hopefully it’ll go somewhere.

At any rate, it was a pretty frantic weekend.  We setup and did some basic sound checks on Friday night, spent all day Saturday recording the rhythm tracks, and all day Sunday over dubbing the vocals and trumpet parts.  Saturday and Sunday were long days. (Don’t think for a second that professional musicians don’t have “real” jobs – there aren’t many people who would work the constant long hours that recording and touring demand.)

Of course, two days is a really short amount of time to try to record an album in.  But, given the fact that we wanted to do this before Erin left, and trying to fit it into everyone’s schedules, we had little choice.  We didn’t get to everything we wanted to (but did get more done than what I had personally expected), but what we have is good.  I can’t wait to hear the final product!

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