Almost Done

Well, after several nights of overdubs, and many notes to the engineer for revisions to the mixes (our engineer, Corey, must be so sick of us by now), we’re finally in the home stretch.  All of the mixes are final, the song order is set, and we head to the mastering studio this week for that final “spit and polish”.  We’ve even got the cover art almost complete.  Once we send everything off for duplication, we should have our first full-length CD ready in just a matter of weeks!

It’s really good, by the way.  Everyone in the band is really happy with the way it turned out.  I know I am.  We got a lot done in a very little time, and what we have is good.  It could have easily been garbage given the number of songs we did in just a couple of days.  Likewise, it could have easily been just a few songs, not an entire album’s worth, that we ended up with.

Initially we’ll be doing a limited run of only 100 copies.  We’ll then be trying to shop it to independent labels.  (If the initial run sells out before we can get it picked up, we’ll likely get more made to distribute ourselves.) Keep checking the Call It Karma web site for more details when the album finally becomes available.

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  1. Does making a run of only 100 copies make sense? I guess you’ve got sales of the EP to go by & Erin’s departure will have an impact on the near-term show possibilities, but I would think that the cost of making 500 would only be marginally more than 100. What’s the track list for the album? Where’d you record?

  2. Hey, Don, glad to see you’re still keeping up with the band!  FYI, in case you haven’t seen it on the website, we lost our mailing list, so you have to sign up again.

    To answer your question, we actually discussed that tonight on the way back from the mastering studio.  If we’re only doing duplication, it wouldn’t cost much more, no.  But, we’re toying with doing replication, which ends up being quite a bit more.  If we do that, the least amount we could do would be 300.

    We may end up going that route.

    I’ll post the track list in the next couple of days.  It was recorded at a small home studio called The Congo Is Left.

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