Tracklist for Days Go By

We went to the mastering studio yesterday to finish up the final little bits of production on what is now officially titled Days Go By.  Since it’s now set in stone (well, etched into a CD master, anyways), I can now provide the track listing for Call it Karma’s first full-length CD:

1. Days Go By

2. You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

3. Caramel

4. American Dream

5. Naughty Dog

6. Confession

7. Jack

8. Secret

9. Summer Weiss

10. Friend of the Devil

11. Goddamn Map

12. Peter

13. Promise

It’s being sent off for duplication this week, and we should have CDs available for the show on the 27th, which is now a CD release party as well as a Bon Voyage to Erin!

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  1. With the Suzanne Vega song, you could’ve called it “Call it Caramel”.

    Weird coincidence: I just played “Friend of the Devil” on Sunday as part of a jam session.

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