Beer updates

Well, the whole reason I changed this site into a “blog” was to be able to talk about my home brewing experiences.  Now I notice that I really haven’t done that, and I’m on my second batch since I changed over the site!

So, here are the updates:

Two weeks ago I bottled my Vanilla Porter.  This beer was inspired by the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter I wrote about in a previous post.  I sampled some over the weekend (I know, two weeks in the bottle is still pretty young for a beer, but I find with porters and stouts that they seem to have matured enough by that point.  Anyways, I like to sample here and there to see how they’re coming along) and it tastes pretty damn good!  I think it may be my best batch yet (it’s a close draw between this and the Oatmeal Stout I did back in December).  It doesn’t taste like the Breckenridge one, but I really wasn’t trying to duplicate that.  Basically, I took a standard porter recipe and added some licorice root and vanilla beans to the boil.

I also brewed my 10th batch this past weekend.  I wanted to brew, but didn’t have anything in mind, so Carrie and I went to the home brew supply store on Saturday (after lunch at Goose Island – I had the Fulton Wood Bitter, which has a really nice hop flavor to it without being overly bitter like some very-hoppy beers) and looked at the kits they had in stock.  It was a draw between the Scotch Ale and the Brown Ale.  We ended up going with the brown.  Nothing special, I know – just an off-the-shelf kit (except I used a 1028 London Wyeast pack instead of the dry yeast that it came with) – I just wanted to brew something.

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