Pale Ale

Brewed a Pale Ale this past weekend.  Actually, it’s the recipe featured in the “Replicator” column in the current edition of Brew Your Own magazine.  I’m a little worried, because it’s been kinda warm the past couple of days, and the little stick-on thermometer on the primary has been around 74-76 deg. (F).  I hope the higher temperature doesn’t stress out the yeast and cause any off-flavors.

Apart from that, I’m going to try the Brown Ale this weekend.  It’ll only be two weeks since bottling, but I like to taste here and there as the beer progresses.  Plus, I’m really impatient! Seriously, though, I do usually taste the beer after only two weeks in the bottle to see how it’s coming along.  I usually taste a little bit at bottling time, but I actually haven’t with these past two batches.  I did with the Vanilla Porter though, and it tasted fantastic even then!  (I still have a few of those left.  Maybe I’ll go stick one in the fridge so I can enjoy it this evening!)

By chitowngeorge Posted in Beer