Outsourced Support Sucks

I’m not even talking about tech support here.  It’s pretty obvious why outsourced tech support sucks: the people you’re talking to usually know absolutely nothing about the product you’re calling about, they’re just following a script and a troubleshooting flowchart.  Anything that requires any actual thought beyond that, they simply cannot help you with.  It used to be, when you called a company for tech support, you got someone who actually worked for that company, and actually knew a thing or two about the product you were calling about.  That’s not the case anymore.

No, I’m talking about outsourced customer service.  It’s bad enough tech companies have people answering the phones who know nothing about their products, but it boggles the mind to think that companies think it’s okay to have people representing them, as customer service agents, who absolutely do not care about that company or their customers.

When you call an 800 number (or 888, or 866, or whatever) for a company because you have a problem you need resolved, it would help if the person who answered the phone (after navigating the menus to get the option you need (an even worse experience if it’s a voice recognition system)) actually had any interest in helping you with your problem.  The thing is, these outsourced customer service people just don’t care; not about the customer they’re speaking to, and not about the company they’re representing. In fact, they’re probably on the phone representing Company A one minute, and Company B the next.  It really doesn’t matter to them if you walk away from the call a satisfied customer or not.

At any rate, I really wish the companies utilizing these outsourced customer service centers would wise up.  It may be saving money in the short term, but in the long run is it really worth losing customers over?

By chitowngeorge Posted in Personal