Spiced Summer Ale

I did a little brewin’ tonight.  I had some ingredients left over from my last batch, which was a pale ale, so I kinda threw together a recipe around that.  Since it’s just about summer, I decided to do a lighter ale with some spices that would make it a refreshing drink for a hot summer day.

There was one problem with the recipe, however.  I had 1/2 pound of light dry malt extract that I was going to use, but I couldn’t find it come brew time!  Apparently, it just up and walked away (I didn’t know malt extract could do that).  Anyways, because of that this recipe ends up being a little lower gravity than I had originally planned.  Since it’s supposed to be a lighter style drink for a summer day, I figure that it’s not that big of a deal.

Spiced Summer Ale

6 pounds Northwestern Gold LME

1 pound Crystal 60L

1 pound belgium biscuit

.5 oz Nugget (11.6%) @ 60 min.

1 oz Willamette (4.5%) @ 30 min.

.5 oz Cascade (5.8%) @ 5 min.

1/2 tsp. yeast nutrients @ 15 min.

1/2 oz crushed coriander seed at flameout

1 oz sweet orange peel at flameout

1 Tbsp. whole cloves at flameout

1056 American Ale Wyeast

Add 2 gallons water to brew pot and heat to 160’.  Put specialty grains in grain bag and steep at 160’ for 30 minutes.  Heat 1/2 gallon water in separate pot.  Remove grain bag and place in strainer above brew pot, pour hot water from other pot over the grains.  Turn up heat and add liquid malt extract, bring to a boil.  Add hops and yeast nutrients according to schedule.

Place coriander, orange peel and cloves in a grain or hops bag.  At end of boil, remove wort from heat and add bag with spices.  Let spices steep for 20 minutes while wort cools.  Put 1 1/2 gallons cold water in fermenter.  Remove bag with spices and place in strainer over fermenter, pout 1/2 gallon cold water over bag.

Pour wort into fermenter and top off to over 5 gallons with cold water.  Add yeast, let ferment for up to one week and transfer to secondary for 2 weeks then bottle or keg.

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