Celebration Stout

In honor of getting a new job this week, I decided to brew a Celebration Stout.  (Okay, I was going to brew this weekend anyway, I just changed the name of the beer in honor of the new job.)

This is a stout recipe that I put together starting with some ingredients I already had in stock (the Crystal and Chocolate malts and the whole leaf Cascade hops).  I’ve been doing some reading on how to improve your malt extract brewing techniques, so part of this recipe is based on some of the things I’ve read.  In particular, substituting some of the malt extract for grain malt, thereby doing a “partial mash” (which, apparently, is a glorified “extract with grains” recipe).

The second thing is to add the bulk of the malt extract later in the boil.  This allows the alpha acids from the hops to more thoroughly permeate the wort, since it’s at a much lower gravity.

Anyways, here’s the recipe:

Celebration Stout

(Partial Mash)

1# Two Row malt

.5# UK Crystal Malt (~60L)

.5# Chocolate Malt

.5# Roasted Barley

3.3# Northwestern Amber LME (late edition – 15 min.)

1# Northwestern Amber DME

1 oz. Chinook pellets @ 60 min.

.5 oz. Chinook pellets @30 min.

.5 oz. Cascade (Whole Leaf) @ 30 min.

1 tsp. Irish Moss

1056 American Ale yeast

Steep the grains at about 160 degrees for 45 min. in about 2.5 gal. Sparge with another 1-1.5gal of 170 degree water.  Add DME and bring to a boil.  Add 1 oz. of Chinook Hops, then rest of hops according to schedule.  Add the LME at 15 min (You may need to increase heat to maintain boil), then the Irish Moss at 10 min.

Cool, put in fermenter and fill up to 5 gal with cold water.  Pitch yeast and ferment @ 70~72 deg F.

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