Best Buy – Now serving bootlegs.

So, I was at a Best Buy today, and I was browsing through the music DVDs, as I’m wont to do from time to time, and I came across something interesting.  I happened to see “Led Zeppelin Live at Earls Court, 1975”.  This caused me to do a double take, as I was unfamiliar with this title.  Naturally, I picked it up to check it out…

“This is clearly a bootleg”, I thought to myself. The label said “Masterplan” and the producer credit said “Can A Puss”.  I contemplated buying it (it was only $14.99) to check it out, but after researching it on the web I’m glad I didn’t.  It is most definitely a bootleg, and apparently a poor quality one at that.

I snapped a couple quick pics with my camera phone (sorry about the quality, I accidently had it set to the lower setting).


3 comments on “Best Buy – Now serving bootlegs.

  1. Given that just about every bootleg ever recorded can be had for at most media & postage off the internet, buying bootlegs is now more than ever a bad idea.

  2. Trust me, I know about bootlegs on the internet I have the complete audio from the (nearly 4 hour!) concert they did at Earl’s Court the night after the concert on this DVD (May 25, 1975 – which , btw, is amazing if you can find it).

    ::cough::  usenet ::cough::

    I was just shocked to see this sitting on the shelf at a Best Buy.  Was this an honest mistake by their purchasers?  Don’t they check things against the labels catalogs?  Or, are they trying to see how long they can get away with this?

    After researching this particular bootleg, I really feel sorry for the unsuspecting Zeppelin fan who purchases this, not knowing any better.  Supposedly, both the video and audio on this disc suck.  And since you can’t return opened DVDs (unless it’s for exchange), anyone who buys this would be stuck with it.

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