Scotch Ale

This is a Scotch Ale recipe that I found on the internet, but changed a little to suit my needs (and what they had at the local home brew supply shop).  I also changed the procedure so that the specialty grains weren’t in as long as the malt, and I made the malt extract a late addition.

Scotch Ale

Extract (Partial Mash)

Original Recipe: Jeff McNally


6.6 lb Northwestern Gold LME (late edition)

2.0 lb Munich malt (10L)

0.5 lb Crystal malt (60L)

0.5 lb Crystal malt (20L)

3.0 oz Chocolate malt (350L)

4.0 oz White wheat malt (2L)

2.0 oz Peat smoked malt (2L)

1.0 oz UK Kent Goldings pellets @ 60 min

1.0 oz US Fuggles pellets @ 30 min

1 tsp Irish moss @ 10 min

Wyeast 1338 European Ale

5 oz corn sugar (for primimg)


– Mashed Munich malt in 2 gallons of ~160F water for 1 hr

– After 1/2 hour added specialty grains to steep for 1/2 hour

– Sparged with 4 qts of ~170F water

– Brought to boil, added first round of hops, 2nd round of hops at 30 min.

– Added LME at 15 min, (increased temp to bring back to boil)

– Irish moss at 10 min.

– Cooled, pitched yeast, fermented

I ran into a problem with adding that much LME as a late addition; I had to really increase the temperature to bring it back up to a boil.  It was taking a while to get boiling again, so I ended up throwing the cover on to the pot.  I kept an eye on it to make sure it wouldn’t boil over, but of course in the ten seconds that I wasn’t paying attention, what happened?  (Luckily, I cleaned up the mess before Carrie saw it, or she’d have never let me brew in the kitchen again!) Hopefully the boil over won’t effect the final product, since it was really late in the boil I don’t think I lost much of my hop utilization (this recipe is already kinda low in the hop department).

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