Network Problems

It’s really amazing that whenever I’m running my bit torrent client (Transmission), my Earthlink DSL keeps dropping it’s connection.  I don’t seem to have this problem any other time, except when I’m running torrents.

Is Earthlink purposely doing this to discourage torrent users?  I know there are a lot of people out there who download copyrighted material using file sharing applications, and maybe Earthlink is trying to cover their asses when the RIAA or MPAA comes calling (or, more likely, their lawyers), but this is just ridiculous (and highly annoying).

The thing is, there are legitimate uses for any file sharing program, including bit torrent.  I don’t use it for downloading copyrighted material.  I only download live music, shared legally, by bands that allow people to tape and trade their shows.  (Yes, there are a lot of bands that allow this, not just the jam bands – check here if you’re unaware of this.)

Some open source software uses bit torrent as a distribution method.  These are just a couple of examples of legitimate uses of bit torrent (and other file sharing systems).

So why does Earthlink feel the need to kill my DSL connection when they notice I’ve got torrents running?  This isn’t something I can call up their tech support and say “My DSL goes out only when I’m downloading files via bit torrent.” “Unplug your DSL modem and shutdown your computer, then wait 30 seconds and reboot and plug your modem back in.” “Um, no…. This only happens when I’m downloading torrents.  I reset my modem, like, every five minutes.” “Sir, go to System Settings and click on Network…” “Arrrrggg!” CLICK!

I can’t be the only person this is happening to.  Who can I complain to about this?  I can’t call Earthlink, their tech support is useless, and their customer service is, too (both outsourced, by the way – regular readers will know my feelings on this).


One comment on “Network Problems

  1. Happens to me too. Has been happening for the last month or so (Aug 15, 2007 approx). It was not like that before that. I had another modem from AT&T;and I plugged that in. That seems to behave better in terms of resetting connections automatically, but yeah it reconnects every 5 minutes when I am having downloads. And if I am doing office VPN, it drops off everytime the connection resets. Pretty sad.

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