Slowly Joining the 21st Century

George Krueger, now on Flickr.

In many, many ways, I’m way above the curve when it comes to the “interweb”.  I was online before there was such a thing as http://www – who here remembers dialing into a local BBS to access your email and usenet?

But on the modern web (I love how the young-uns, the “blogosphere”, and the ever clue-less media call it Web 2.0 – to some of us it’s more like Web 6.0), it’s taken me a while to adapt.  It took me forever to convert the old web page (which was hand written in straight HTML to the very end) to a content management “blog” format.  (It’s funny how my old site was like a blog in format way before there was such a thing – just, like I said, done by hand in HTML).

But I’m slowly progressing, I’ve finally got my Flickr account set up!  I do plan on eventually getting more up there besides Anubis, but for the time being, you’ll all just have to deal with looking at the most handsome cat in the world.


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  1. No, that’s out on our back landing.  He’s actually on our neighbors’ side sitting on their table.

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