I’m writing this sitting on the deck of a cottage in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin.  It’s the start of the second day of our vacation.  Carrie’s collecting acorns whilst I enjoy my coffee.

Yesterday was a good day.  We got up, got ready (finished packing, I had to take the car in for an oil change, etc.), and hit the road a little after noon.  We took our time getting here, stopping for lunch on the way, hitting the Brat Stop to pick up some good cheese and fresh, hand made brats.  A little closer to the cottage we stopped at a farm to get some fresh vegetables and herbs.

The rest of the day was just relaxing:  surveying the surrounding area, taking pictures all the way; a dip in the pool while sipping on home brewed wheat ales; dinner, consisting of the fore-mentioned hand made brats, home made salsa (made from the fresh vegetables and herbs), and of course, home brewed beer.  The rest of the evening was just lounging around the cottage.

I’ve taken several really great photos so far, and plan on taking many more.  (Unfortunately, I neglected to bring the USB cable for my camera, so I can’t post any photos until after we get back.)

Well, it’s about time to get back to the relaxing…


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