Randy’s Restaurant and Funhunter’s Brewery

It suddenly occurred to me that I never wrote about one particular part of Carrie’s and my trip to Wisconsin last month, and that was our dinner at Randy’s Restaurant and Funhunter’s Brewery (possibly the longest name of any brewpub I’ve been to).

It might seem odd to find a quality brewery/restaurant in rural Wisconsin, but Whitewater holds a campus of The University of Wisconsin, so it’s a bit of a “college town”.  But, I digress.

I’ll start with the food, which was very good.  We started with the “famous” Colby Curds (fried Colby cheese curds – think of a fried cheese stick, but in a ball) – which were as tasty and addicting as they were most likely detrimental to our health (sometimes you just have to indulge).  We also had some beer-battered onion rings, which were good, but nothing special.  We waited a while before ordering our entrées, since we wanted to just hang out and enjoy a few of their beers before dinner.  When we did eat, I had the Pulled Pork sandwich, which was excellent – the BBQ sauce was very tasty!  (I don’t even remember what Carrie had; I think it was one of the burgers.  I do remember that she enjoyed it very much.)

Anyways, the reason we’re here, on to the beer.  We both tried a few different selections (and, of course, sampled what each other had ordered).  All of the beers were good, but nothing really stood out.  I don’t even really remember, at this point, what I ordered (I really should start taking notes when I go to places like this).  There was one exception to that, however, and that was the Oatmeal Stout.  If you’re a stout lover, and you find yourself anywhere near Whitewater, WI, make sure you find your way to Randy’s.  That was one of the best Oatmeal Stouts I’ve ever had.

We do plan on staying at Pine Ridge again in the future, and I’ll definitely find my way back to Randy’s for that Oatmeal Stout when we do.