Old Computers

Here’s a great website for delving into computer history: OldComputers.net

If you’re like me, this site may even be a fond trip down memory lane.  My first computer was the Coleco Adam.  I loved that thing (despite the obnoxiously loud printer); not only could I type papers for school, learn programming in Basic and Logo, but I could also play the Colecovision games.  At the time, the games were the bigger draw for me, as the Colecovision games were light years beyond what we had at the time for our Atari.  (The Atari we had, by the way, was one of those generic ones sold at Sears.)

My favorite games?  The Star Wars game, of course, and Zaxxon.  With all of the renewed interest in vintage video games, I wish I could find Zaxxon somewhere! (Okay, okay, it’s part of the “Sega Genesis” collection for the PS2, but only as an unlockable – and it’s the only game on there I would buy that for, since I already have the Sonic Mega Collection.)

But, like I said, I also learned programming in Basic and Logo, thus starting my descent foray into the life of a computer geek.

The most interesting tidbit of info learned about the Coleco Adam from this page?  That Coleco started as a leather goods company!