Returning to the Mac Community

This isn’t new news by any stretch, but I thought it worth mentioning.

For many of us who have been using Macs for years, and customizing them along the way, ResExcellence* was once the place to go to stay on top of Mac customization.  It was the place to learn about customizing applications and the Mac interface (the name refers to the ResEdit application from the “classic” days, which was used to edit the resource forks of files and applications, where most of the customizations took place), to download other peoples customizations, or to share your own (I had submitted several iTunes customizations of my own (among other things) before it became impractical for to keep updating them).

It was pretty much the central hub on the internet for Mac Hacking (and I use that term in the good sense of “hacking”).

Well, if you’re aware of ResExcellence and it’s history (long and sordid as it may be), you know it’s gone.  It’s likely never to come back.  However, Michael Coyle, the man behind the original ResExcellence, is back (he has been since this summer – hence this not being “new news”) at

The idea is to fill the need in the Mac community that the original ResExcellence filled (or even created) in the first place.  Things have been slow there, due to lack of awareness of the site.  That’s why I’m posting this here, to beat the drum in my little corner of the ‘net and build up what awareness that I can.

So, if you’re looking for Mac customizations (heck, even if you’re a Windows or Linux user looking for cool desktop images), or have some to share, check out the growing community over at

*I’m not going to link to the site, since it’s pretty much dead and gone now.