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Okay, so I have to come clean and admit that I found a reality show that I actually like.  Nobody’s perfect.

Anyways, if you haven’t caught it yet, you might want to check out The Next Great American Band.  Why?  Because the bands on there that are good are really effin’ good!  This really isn’t just another “Idol” knock-off (even if it’s produced by the same people), there’s some real talent here.

I missed Friday’s show, so I didn’t find out who was eliminated until I checked the website this morning.  I can’t say that I have any arguments with the choice of the two that were eliminated, neither of them made that great of an impression on me.  But, I was kind of hoping that Denver and the Mile High Orchestra would be the first to get the boot.  Followed by Light of Doom.

Denver and his crew are good musicians.  Really, really good.  But, they are nothing more than a wedding band.  I’m not saying that to put them down; they could make a fantastic living just playing weddings, parties and corporate events.  But that’s where they belong.  They simply don’t belong on this show.  They are not “The Next Great American Band”.  C’mon!  Brian Setzer already tried to bring “big band” music back into the American mainstream.  It didn’t work.  It was kind of popular for about five minutes, then it went away.  Do these guys really think they can be the “next big thing” trying to capitalize on something that was a flash-in-the-pan fad a decade ago?

As far as Light of Doom are concerned, they’re nothing more than a novelty act.  Which is too bad for them, because they really are very technically skilled musicians, with remarkable stage presence.  The problem is, if they were to have an kind of success at this point, it would be brief.  Nobody is going to take them seriously (again, novelty act).  These guys could be a successful band, someday.  They just need to wait until they are old enough to be taken seriously.  They can spend the time getting even better at their instruments, and gaining some better taste in music.  They need to drop the crappy 80’s metal.  They’re better musicians than that.  It just enforces the novelty act aspect to them – 12 year olds playing crappy 80’s metal.  It doesn’t matter how skilled they are at doing that, who’s going to take it seriously?  They need to go out and buy some Hendrix, Zeppelin, and maybe even some jazz records and learn what real music sounds like.

Who do I think is going to win?  I have no idea – remember, there’s no accounting for taste.  However, my opinion is that it should either be Franklin Bridge or Sixwire.  They are easily the two best bands in the competition.  Franklin Bridge, besides being good musicians and incredibly tight, have an unique, cross-genre sound (if you haven’t heard them, think of a mixture of modern R&B combined with 70’s funk and good old guitar driven rock).  Sixwire, even though their sound is a little too on the “country” side of “county rock” for my tastes, are just phenomenal musicians.

We’ll see what happens.

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