Gig Night

So, last night we played at The Hideout.  It was a good gig, and a great opportunity for us.  (I felt like I, personally, was not playing at my best, but overall the band played pretty well.) Not only was it our first real “gig” with Laura (the new vocalist), but it was the best known venue we’ve ever played.  Hopefully we gained some fans last night.

But, for a while yesterday, it seemed like we were doomed from the start.

After snowing most of the day, the snow turned to freezing rain.  Luckily, the roads getting to the venue weren’t bad, and neither was traffic.  On my way there, I received a call from Jeremy saying that both he and Laura were there, but the place was closed.  (This was a little past 7:00 – the time we were supposed to be loading in.) I wasn’t too far away when I got the call, so I arrived a few minutes later.  Sure enough, no one was home.  We waited.

A little while later two people showed up and were standing outside the front door.  Initially I assumed they were customers waiting for the venue to open, but eventually I went up to see what was going on.  It turns out that they were there to open the bar (one of them was the bartender), but the lock on the door was frozen shut!  They were waiting for the owner to show up.

Eventually they got in, and we were instructed to go around back to load in.  We drove around to the back alley to load our gear in through the back door.  When we got out of our cars we found that the entire alley was frozen over.  So, we had the fun experience of loading in while trying not fall and kill ourselves.  (Just try carrying a Fender Twin Reverb amplifier across a sheet of ice!)

When we did get everything inside, we found out that the power was out!  So, while the main act and the sound person were setting up equipment, we stood around wondering if the gig would happen at all.  Luckily, the power was restored and all was well, but for a while it seemed like the universe was intent on preventing us from playing this gig.