The Golden Compass

I want to see The Golden Compass because I think it looks like a cool fantasy adventure.  The fact that it frightens the ignorant is all the more reason to go see it.


2 comments on “The Golden Compass

  1. The thing is that because people like the Catholic League have been getting nuclear about all kinds of stuff that’s not really that bad, when something like His Dark Materials comes around, which does, in fact, promote an atheist agenda, they end up having squandered their credibility. As a Catholic, I really wish people like this wouldn’t give my religion a bad image.

  2. Well, I think most people understand the difference between people like the Catholic League and normal Catholics like you.  (However, didn’t the pope just come out with some edict basically blaming atheists for everything that’s wrong in the world?)

    Also, I think (hope) most religious people understand that atheists aren’t “out to get them”.  And, that most religious people understand that there’s nothing wrong with literature or cinema that happen to be come from a different point of view than their own.

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