Zeppelin Doesn’t Disappoint

If you’re like me, you were worried that Led Zeppelin’s highly anticipated tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun would turn out to be a disaster.  As much as I love Led Zeppelin, I could see the possibility of these guys getting together after not playing together for so long and putting up slipshod renditions of their old songs.  They could’ve gotten on stage and pretended that they were the same band they were 30 years ago, like some other bands do.  Or, they could have just sounded terrible.

Luckily, that was not the case, according to (at least) this review:

Led Zeppelin Finds Its Old Power

I just hope they decide to release the performance on CD or DVD (or both), even though there’s no current plans on doing so.  (Of course there are no plans for it, yet – what if it had been a disappointment?)

And, I’ll join the chorus of people asking for it, even though it’s highly unlikely: I do hope that they decide to go on tour.  I’ve seen Robert Plant live; I’ve seen Jimmy Page live; I’ve seen Robert and Jimmy together live; and I’ve seen John Paul Jones live.  I’d absolutely love to see “Led Zeppelin” live.


The Telegraph has a “round up” of reviews, and they all appear to agree that the boys were at the top of their form:

Telegraph.co.uk: Reviewing the Reviews