End of the Battle?

Let’s hope that Warner Bros. announcement that they are dropping support for HD-DVD and will distribute exclusively in Blu-Ray after March 2008 will put an end to the “format wars”.  That would be the best thing for the consumers and, despite what Toshiba wants to believe right now, for the entire industry.

I know for me, personally, the announcement has put an end to the decision making process.  Since most of the content I would have actually bought was already Blu-Ray, this cinches it.  The only thing now is to wait for the prices of the players to drop a little more (which they no doubt will in the coming year – I’m actually hoping the PS3 price becomes reasonable in the coming months).

Time will tell.  But, not to the studios that are still in the HD-DVD camp:  For me, and many other consumers, the war is over; if you don’t switch to Blu-Ray, you’ll never see any money from us.


From this article at Fortune, which stress my point about the format war being bad for the industry (and not just the consumers):

Consumers who bought HDTVs were so afraid of backing the wrong high-definition movie format that they decided not to buy movies at all.

Exactly.  That’s why I haven’t bought any movies (with the exception of the new Futurama movie) at all this last year.  Like many people, I was waiting to see which HD format would come out on top, and I didn’t want to spend my money on the soon-to-be-dead standard DVD format.