American Ale and Guinness Clone

Well, this weekend I bottled an Amber Ale that I brewed a few weekends ago.  This was just a Brewer’s Best kit – the American Ale (except I substituted liquid yeast for the dry yeast that comes in the kit).  I tasted some during the bottling, and I have to say, this is a pretty damn good beer!  Apart from not being carbonated, the beer already tastes “done”.

Before bottling I wasn’t too thrilled with this beer, just because I kept thinking that I should have done an original recipe instead of just falling back on a kit.  After tasting it though, I’m really happy with it.  I guess being “lazy” and just brewing a kit is better than not brewing at all!

Also, I racked my Guinness Clone to the secondary fermenter today.  Not much to say about it, except I didn’t come close to getting maximum utilization from the yeast.  That just means that it’ll be lower than expected alcohol content, and might taste a little sweet – which may actually be a good thing.  (Imagine Guinness with just a touch of sweetness to it!)

I forgot to prep a wash for the yeast though, so I wasn’t able to harvest from this batch.  I still have two bottles of yeast from the previous batch though, so I have enough to get through a couple more batches.  I’ve yet to brew with yeast that I harvested from a previous batch, so we’ll see how it goes.

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