Now it’s Time

Now it’s time to get an iPhone.  (Okay, I may wait until it’s 3G, but still…)

Today Apple announced full Exchange support & push email on the iPhone.  Full Exchange support.

Of course, this is one of those things that many people predicted way back when the iPhone was first announced (seems so long ago, doesn’t it?), but that didn’t stop the tech news pundits from decrying the iPhone for not having these features.

Just like the SDK.  The tech pundits decried the lack of an "official" way to bring 3rd party apps (non-web apps) to the iPhone, completely ignore the fact that it was pretty much a given from the start that Apple would do this.

Of course Apple intended to add these features, but it was more important to bring the thing to market in the first place.

(Oh, and on the whole no "Flash" issue?  Flash sucks!  It always has and always will.  Just because so many websites rely on it now, doesn’t make it suck any less.  Hell, I had some bad Flash on a website lock my whole computer just yesterday.  I had to hard boot to recover.  Do you really want that crap on your phone?)