Vanilla Porter

I decided to brew the Vanilla Porter again.  That’s the third time for this one – that’s the most I’ve brewed a specific beer.

I had some issues though.  First, I wanted to use the porter recipe that I came up with as the "base" for this, instead of the porter kit I’ve used in the past.  But, when I had the chance to go to the homebrew store last week I didn’t have my recipe with me, so I ended up just getting the kit.

Second, I didn’t have any vanilla beans.  I went to Trader Joe’s (where I’ve gotten them in the past) and they were out.  Apparently TJ’s only carries them certain times of the year.  That’s a problem.  You see, TJ’s vanilla beans are 2 for $5.  I went to Dominick’s and there they are $12 – for just one bean!  Yikes!  I decided to try vanilla extract instead (real vanilla extract, not imitation).  A good part of homebrewing is experimenting, right?

We’ll see how it turns out.

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2 comments on “Vanilla Porter

  1. I love vanilla porters, as does my fiancee.  I imagine if I ever start homebrewing, I’ll have to take a stab at one of those (once I get good at it).

    Would the alcohol in the vanilla extract raise the ABV?

  2. Yeah, I first decided to do a vanilla porter after having the Breckenridge one.  So far, out of all of the beers I’ve done, it’s been the favorite of the people who regularly get to try my brews.

    As far as raising the ABV, since I added it to the wort during the boil, the alcohol would have boiled off.  I know that most recipes say to add the vanilla (beans) to the secondary, I add it during the boil.  There’s no real “right” way to do it, and this works for me (it has so far, at least).  (I’m sure if you added extract to the secondary it would mess with the final ABV, but probably not by much, given the volume.)

    I’m curious to see if I get as good of results with the extract, though.

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