History of Storage

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I think it serves the purpose of showing how much things have changed in such little time.

The history of computer data storage in pictures.

(If you read through the comments, there’s also a great link to a comparative photo of various hard drives on wikipedia.)

My first “real” computer, which I got in 1991, was a Macintosh LC.  It came with 2MB of memory (which I upgraded to 4), and a 40MB hard disk.  I later added a 230MB (remember, these are megabytes here, not gigabytes) external drive when the technology became available/affordable for around $300.

Now I carry around several gigabytes in my pocket!  Seventeen years is a long time when it comes to technology.  (Let’s not forget the 2800 baud modem I had at the time, compared to 3.0 DSL service I have now.)

As long as I’m in “old guy reminiscing” mode, I’ll mention that years before the LC, my parents had gotten me a Coleco Adam, which used cassette data storage, similar to what’s shown in the article.