Yet Another Switcher

Much attention is given to “switchers” in the Mac journalism front (and even in general “tech” journalism).  I think this one deserves attention, however, because it’s from the perspective of not an average user (or, commonly for these types of articles, a tech journalist), but from a programmer.  He digs into the under-the-hood stuff to explain why he, as a programmer, switched to OS X from Windows.  And, he doesn’t get bogged down in any of the stupid quasi-religious/political/emotional B.S. that usually surrounds platform choice.  He just lays out the facts surrounding his decision.

Part one is here:

From Win32 to Cocoa – Part I

Part two is here:

From Win32 to Cocoa – Part II

I think this quote sums things up nicely:

There might not be as much third-party software for Mac OS X as there is for Windows… , but the quality of the applications is a great deal better. Third-party developers on Mac OS X strive to make applications that work in a way that’s consistent with the OS itself, with first-party applications, and even with each other.

Of course, the article goes into quite a bit of depth as to the reasons why that is, but (to me, anyway) that seems to be the crux what he’s getting at.