How (not) to Purchase Tickets – Part Three

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So, after never receiving any sort of response to my initial help request, sent through Live Nation’s online form, (apart from the “Your Question has been Submitted” confirmation email), I tried the 800 number again.  Incredibly, someone actually answered this time.  (It was interesting that this time while I was on hold a message would occasionally come on saying “Somebody will be with you shortly.”  That never happened the first time I called – just straight hold music the whole time.)  I spoke to a pleasant young woman and explained my situation, including the fact that I never got a response to the help request submitted on line.  She looked at my order and the history for my credit card number, which only showed that one order.  According to what she saw, there was only one order, ergo, they only billed me once.  I assured her that there were two transactions on my account.  She said she would have to check into it and somebody would call me back.

That was yesterday.  Guess what never happened?

After I got off the phone with her I called my bank.  I wanted to make absolutely sure that there wasn’t any kind of error on the bank’s part, but I also wanted to gather more information for when Live Nation called me back (which never happened).  It wasn’t an error on the bank’s end.  They saw two separate transactions occurring at two different times (twelve minutes apart), each with its own trace number.  Clearly, Live Nation billed me twice.

Today, after not hearing back from Live Nation, I decided to call again.  I got straight through this time.  I spoke to another young woman to whom I had to explain the situation, including the fact that I had called yesterday and never received a response (on top of never receiving a response from their on line form).  Of course, I went through the same things with her that I did with the other woman – checking the order and credit card number, seeing that there is only one order, explaining that even though there’s only one order they did, in fact, charge me twice, etc.  She said told me that she couldn’t help, and that both of her supervisors were in a meeting.  She could take my information and have somebody call me back.  It was very hard to keep my patience and remain polite at this point.  (I did, however.  People are always more willing to help you if you are polite.  No matter what, always try to keep your cool when you are in these situations.)

So, now I’m waiting for another call back.  I’m not optimistic.


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  1. It’s all about the bar codes man! Satan is here! One World Order! It starts with concert tickets, and ends with Osama…er…Obama…..sorry, too much FOX News

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