Concert Tickets – Part Four

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Well, hopefully this will be the last post on this.

After not hearing back from Live Nation by late afternoon yesterday, I decided to call back (again).  I explained to the man that answered everything up to this point about the billing issue (as briefly as possible).  He was extremely understanding and said that he wouldn’t get off the phone with me until the problem was resolved.  He put me on hold to talk to his supervisor and came back on the line a couple of times just to update me and let me know he was still working on it.

It didn’t take too long before he came back and said that the supervisor was able to identify that there had been an error on their part, and they did bill me twice.  He was going to credit my account back and I should see the credit in a couple of days.  If I didn’t, just call back and ask for him directly.

This call did not take that long, and I really don’t understand why it required me calling three times to get this resolved (not to mention filling out the web form – which I never did get any kind of response from).  I understand that the people answering the phones can’t fix every problem and might need to escalate things.  But, if they tell you somebody will call you back, they should follow up to ensure that someone calls.  It’s basic customer service.

In the end I did ask if there was anything they could do for me to make up for all I had been through.  Unfortunately, he said there wasn’t.  So, in the end, the problem was resolved, but they did nothing to try to make me a happy customer.

I know that in the future if I can drive to the venue to buy the tickets I will.


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