Stupid iPhone Complaints

So, not everyone is as excited about the new iPhone as some of us.  It’s to be expected – it’s Apple, and some people are going to complain no matter what.  Cnet’s Crave has a list of features that they think should be in the new iPhone.  Some of them are pretty dubious.  Let’s look at these requests, shall we?

  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging) – Is this really necessary?  Are twelve year olds the target audience for the iPhone?  The answer to both is, “No”.  Why do you want/need MMS when you have the best email client on any phone?  MMS is completely pointless.  Email is for grown ups.  Text messages are for children.
  • Copy and Paste – This I sort of agree with.  But, I don’t see how Apple can implement it with the current interface.  Maybe Apple’s engineers don’t either.  Who knows?  But given all of the things you can do without it, I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal.  I’m also fairly certain that it will come eventually.
  • Video recording – Quote from the article:  “Yes the quality wouldn’t be that great, but it should be an option anyway.”  You really don’t understand Apple, do you?  Apple is about quality.  They are not about to put a feature that sucks on the iPhone.  Have you ever seen any phone with decent video quality?  Why would Apple put in a feature that they know is going to suck?  If you want video, go buy a camcorder.
  • Voice command – Again, this goes back to a matter of quality.  I’ve never used the voice command feature on any phone that worked well.  Voice command on phones, as it is now, is a poor feature.  Could Apple do it better?  Probably.  But the technology isn’t really there yet to make it a killer, “must have” feature.  Apple isn’t going to include a feature that is going to be sub-standard.  Voice command is sub-standard.
  • Bluetooth flexibility – This is the one point that I agree with 100%.  I don’t know why they haven’t done this yet.  Given that OSX is the only operating system that allows you to flawlessly integrate Bluetooth phones for syncing and file transfer*, you would think that they would do it with their own damn phone.  On top of that, being able to stream music via Bluetooth, as the author states, would be a great feature.  (I don’t really see the need to use it as a modem via Bluetooth, as you’ve got web browsing and email on the phone itself.  But, I’ll concede that some people may find this useful.)

People are going to cry that the iPhone doesn’t have this feature or that.  Most of the time it’s just BS.  Yes, Copy/Paste would be great, and Bluetooth connectivity would be awesome.  But the iPhone kills the need for MMS.  Video recording and voice command are non-features to begin with.  I think Apple knows what they are doing with the iPhone.

* Have you ever tried to set up a Bluetooth phone in Windows for these things?  I have, and I’ve never gotten it to actually work!  Every time I’ve tried, either Windows refuses to connect to the phone, or it connects, and everything looks like it should work, but none of the features actually work.  It’s horrid.  It takes about 30 seconds to connect to a Bluetooth phone on a Mac.