Okay, so I’ve got nothing to report that you haven’t already read elsewhere, or didn’t already know before the keynote for that matter.

  • New iPhone with 3G and GPS?  Check.
  • Great new iPhone apps?  Check.
  • Subsidized iPhone pricing?  Check.
  • MobileMe replacing .Mac?  Check.
  • Snow Leopard announced?  Check.

I do have a couple of things to say, however.  First off, my purchase of an iPhone is inevitable now.  All of the new features combined with MobileMe make it pretty much a no-brainer now.  And even though there were no real surprises with anything announced yesterday, Apple (and Steve) still managed to make everyone say “Wow!”  Think about that.  Everyone already knew everything that was announced, but they still managed to exceed our expectations.  We knew what was coming, yet it still was beyond what we had hoped for.  That’s pretty impressive.

On MobileMe.  One thing that I think kind of flew under the radar was just how impressive the web app portion of MobileMe is.  Put MobileMe next to Gmail or Yahoo! Mail and they look silly and amateurish in comparison.  MobileMe is a web app that feels like an application.  Gmail (all of the Google Apps, really) and Yahoo! Mail are web pages that have application-like functionality.  They feel like web pages.  They act like web pages.  MobileMe acts like an application.  Not only that, it acts like an Apple application.

People thought the iPod was going to have a “halo effect” of bringing Windows users to the Mac.  And that was just an MP3 player.  This will blow Windows users away.  I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for an iPhone owning Windows user, one who has never used a Mac, using their MobileMe account.  Eventually it’ll click with them: “Why can’t my entire computer-using experience be like this?”  Eventually, they’ll buy a Mac.

MobileMe was the real Trojan Horse in yesterday’s announcements.  The iPhone will bring them in, but MobileMe will make them stay.