Finally Fixed the RSS Feed

For those of you subscribed via the RSS feed, you’ll be happy to note (as I’m sure you might have already noticed) that I’ve fixed the formatting issue.

This has been bugging me for some time, particularly because the ATOM feed has always been fine.  Since I’m not much of a coder, I really didn’t know how to tinker with the site templates to fix it.  Well, today I went to the ExpressionEngine community forums expecting to post a dumb question and being ignored (or worse) for being a “newb”.  Instead, I found a post from someone with the exact problem and a fix already suggested for the issue.  (Although, it did take almost a month for someone to answer the original post.)

Now, if only I could figure out how to get Windows Live Writer to automatically use “smart quotes” so I don’t have to go into the HTML each and every time to fix them.  This is particularly annoying on the longer posts, since Live Writer doesn’t have a search and replace feature.