Is it Time Yet?

Is it time to start worrying about global warming yet?  Now that the ice at the North Pole is starting to disappear?  I’m asking all of the idiots out there who continue to deny the science and claim/think that “so called global warming” is just some kind of scare tactic or “liberal conspiracy”.

It’s time to start looking past your religious beliefs, or your desire to protect corporations from behaving responsibly (depending on who you are and your reasons for pretending things are just fine), and see that things have become critical.  If you’d bother studying the history of our planet (you know, the real history of the planet, the one that extends beyond 6000 years), you’d see that rapid climate change is typically followed by mass extinction.  There have been times in our planet’s history when climate change, brought on by different catalysts, has caused extinction of nearly every species.

This time we’re the catalyst.  And this time, we’re one of the species that is in danger of becoming extinct.  Our planet is a delicate ecosystem that has been severely thrown off balance.  Ecosystems depend on maintaining balance.  Let’s hope it’s not too late to restore it.

By chitowngeorge Posted in News