FedEx Still Sucks

Well, I had another thing not delivered by FedEx over the weekend.  I hate them so friggin’ much!  (I’ve written about my displeasure with them before.)  I don’t think FedEx cares about actually delivering packages anymore, because they sure don’t try to actually deliver packages.

On Monday I ordered something from the Apple Store online (a refurbished iPod Classic, if you must know).  I chose “standard” delivery (which was free, if I recall).  The site didn’t say what the method of delivery would be (FedEx, UPS, USPS), it just listed the expected delivery times and prices for each option.  If it had indicated that it was FedEx, I probably just would have canceled the order at that point.  (Note to businesses, if you ship FedEx I likely won’t order from you.  Please don’t use FedEx!)

When I got the shipment confirmation email (on Tuesday) it gave the FedEx tracking info.  My heart sank.  I knew it would be a while, if at all, for me to ever get my new (well, refurbished) iPod.  It’s been a week since the order was placed, and I still don’t have it.

Of course, the package sat at their hub in California from Tuesday until Saturday morning. Remember, FedEx will make no attempt at delivering your package any sooner than they guarantee, even though UPS doesn’t seem to have a problem getting most of their “ground” shipments there the next day.  FedEx wants you to pay extra for next day or 2-day delivery, so they hold onto your package as long as possible if you ship ground.  However, given that they can’t even actually deliver the package anyway, why would I pay extra to not get it delivered next day?

So, Saturday afternoon they “tried” to deliver the package.  Unfortunately, they managed to show up during the one 20-minute window when no-one was there to answer the door (actually, five friggin’ minutes after I left!  Grrrrrrr.).  I realize that the timing is purely bad luck, but since FedEx sucks so bad in every other regard, screw it, I’m going to blame them for that, too!  This wouldn’t be a problem if their asshat drivers would bother to ring one of our friggin’ neighbors to sign for the package.  But, apparently it’s less work to fill out that stupid little non-delivery slip than to ring the next buzzer.  Everyone in our building was home on Saturday, and any one of our neighbors would have been happy to sign for the package.

This is a problem anytime anyone in our building gets a package delivered via FedEx.  UPS and USPS will both see if there’s someone else to sign for the package and leave it in the foyer.  You have to leave a note for FedEx on the door “FedEx for Krueger, Please ring so-and-so.”  And even then they usually don’t!

So now, I’m waiting for them to “try” to redeliver the package.  The note is up on the door (with the stupid little non-delivery slip), and our neighbors are expecting them.  There’s only one problem:  The tracking website now says the expected delivery date is tomorrow.  Can someone explain why it takes an extra day to redeliver a package that’s already on the friggin’ truck?

Oh, and one more thing.  UPS lets me reroute the package to a different address if the delivery was missed.  FedEx?  Not so much.  Again, I really don’t think they care whether or not the packages actually get delivered.