Slightly Disappointed

Well, I finally got my new (refurbished) iPod Classic.  Yeah!  My old one (a 2nd generation iPod Mini) was on its last legs.  Don’t get me wrong, the Mini was a hell of a device.  If it hadn’t been dropped countless times, and hadn’t had beer spilled on it (and subsequently taken apart to clean), it would probably still be in great working condition.  But, it was time to replace it.  (I have ordered a new battery, click wheel, and compact flash card (to replace the HD) to try to rebuild it.  I might even give it a custom paint job.)

One thing I’ve really been looking forward to (for a long time) is having gapless playback.  The Mini was introduced before iPods featured gapless playback.  Since I listen to a lot (you have no idea) of live music, not having it has been a major annoyance.  I do have some concerts as single, large chapterized AAC files, but that has its drawbacks.  Now, it’s not a problem.  (I may have to go back to those shows that I’ve “joined” to a single track and reconvert them from their original .flac or .shn into regular AAC or AppleLossless.)

Oh, also there was the issue of deciding which portion of my huge library to load onto the rather smallish 8GB iPod.  That’s no longer an issue.

So, why am I disappointed?  Well, I have an older iMac that only has FireWire and USB 1.1 ports on it (no USB 2.0).  It turns out Apple dropped FireWire connectivity on the iPod a couple generations ago.  D’oh!  Do you have any idea how long it takes to sync a huge library over USB 1.1?  You really don’t want to know.  I started syncing sometime between 6:30 and 7:00 PM last night and just let it run.  When I got up around 3:30 this morning (for the, ahem, usual nighttime business) I checked on it.  It was only up to the L’s (Led Zeppelin) – about 15.9 GB had been transferred.  Ouch.

I decided to shut things down and give it a rest.  I guess I’ll just have to connect it each night and let it run for a few hours until the whole thing is synced!  (Future syncs shouldn’t be too bad, once I get the initial library over.)


2 comments on “Slightly Disappointed

  1. My approach with my iPhone is that I sync two smart playlists: One has 6GB of the least played music (including podcasts). The other is anything with 4 or 5 stars that hasn’t been played for at least 6 months. It gives me a pretty fresh set of music to listen to.

  2. Do you mean for deciding what to put on the 8GB Mini (which will be 16GB when I’m done with it)?  I hadn’t thought of using smart playlists – mostly because I don’t actually use them.  (Apart from the built in “Party Shuffle”, but I’m not sure exactly how that differs from regular old “Shuffle”.)

    Also, I haven’t really used the rating features much.  I’ve been starting to use them a bit to rate the quality of live recordings in my collection (kind of an aggregate of sound quality and how good the actual performance is), but I haven’t gotten it to the point of where it would be a useful tool.

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