Weiss and Belgian

Last night I cracked open the Belgian Ale that I brewed a while back.  This one’s really good.  I’m very pleased with the way it turned out, it’s probably my best brew to date.

We also bottled a Weiss the other night that I brewed a couple weeks after the Belgian.  I forgot to post the recipe at the time, so I’ll post it here.  I’m doing the same recipe tonight (mostly because I harvested the yeast from that batch and really couldn’t think of anything else to do with weizen yeast).  It’s a very simple recipe that I put together based on what I saw in other weiss recipes, and whatever hops that the home brew supply had on hand.  Anyway, here’s the recipe:

Simple Summer Weiss

3.3 lbs. Muntons Wheat LME

1 lb. Muntons Wheat DME

1 lb. Bavarian Wheat malt

1 lb. Carapils malt

1 oz. Hersbrucker 2.4% @ 60 min.

.25 oz. Liberty 4.0% @ 60 min.

.75 oz. Liberty 4.0% @ 5 min.

WYeast #3068 Weizen Yeast

Steep grains in 1.75 gallons of water @ 152º for 35-40 min.  Rinse with 1 gallon of 170º water and top off to 3 gallons.  Add DME and half of LME and bring to a boil.  Add hops according to schedule and add the rest of the LME with 20 minutes left in the boil.  Cool and pitch yeast.  Ferment at 77º for one week, then transfer to secondary for two weeks. 

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