Update and Vanity

If you’re viewing the site (not the RSS feed) in Safari or Firefox you probably noticed a minor design modification.  I think it’s for the better.  If you’re here using Internet Explorer you won’t notice any changes.  The CSS code used is, of course, not yet supported in IE.

As always, the site looks best in Safari.

Also, my “vanity” domain name – georgekrueger.com – is finally available.  I should say it was finally available.  Right now it’s a mirror for callitkarma.com, but eventually I plan on dedicating it to highlighting my own musical projects.  Since I’m not currently working with a band I’ll probably record and post instrumental pieces and demos there.  This site will likely be mirrored at george.georgekrueger.com (or something that doesn’t look weird and redundant – maybe blog.georgekrueger.com, but that seems so 2006).