Carrie and I are on vacation in Michigan.  Our first stop: Kalamazoo.  One of the main reasons we wanted to stop here was to visit Kalamazoo Brewing Company, brewer of Bell’s Beers.

Kalamazoo is a nice little town.  We’re just staying the one night, but I could definitely spend more time here.  However, we were a little disappointed when we got to Bell’s Eccentric Cafe.  I guess we were expecting it to be somewhat like Goose Island is in Chicago.  It’s really just a bar with a kitchen in back.  It wasn’t bad, really.  And, of course, the beer was good.  It just wasn’t what we were expecting.  (The food was just decent, nothing special.)

On our walk back to the hotel, after stopping in the park to take some pictures, we stopped by Olde Peninsula Brewpub & Restaurant.  This was more what we were expecting Bell’s to be like.  The beer was good.  I had a Black and Tan, which was a mixture of their Midnight Stout and Haymarket Light.  I was expecting them to pour it like a traditional Black & Tan – ale on bottom stout on top – but it was just mixed together.  Even mixed it tasted very much like a stout.  If we had stayed I would have tried the stout on it’s own, but we grabbed a growler to go (dirt cheap growlers – $8.99!!!) and headed back to the hotel.  (We got the Dunkelweiss in the growler, which I haven’t tried yet.)

Tomorrow we head out for Traverse City.  I’ll update (or not) as our trip progresses.