Traverse City Part 1 – Beer

One of the things we did on our first day in Traverse City (Saturday) was to visit Mackinaw Brewing Co.  We had a couple appetizers and a couple beers.  Both the beer and the food were excellent.  The bartender even gave us a sample of his “fake chocolate stout”, which was actually their porter with a shot of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur in it.  (It was really, really good, btw.  I’m going to remember that recipe!)  We got a growler of the Nut Brown Ale to bring back to the hotel and enjoy later.

We enjoyed Mackinaw Brewing quite a bit and went back two more times on our trip: once just for a quick beer, once for dinner.

On Sunday we stopped by North Peak Brewing, which was a little further down Front Street, and away from the main, “touristy” area.  (The clientele at North Peak seemed more like locals and college kids – but that could have just been due to the time we were there.)  Since we were on our way back from (trying to go to) Grand Traverse Pie Co. (it was later on Sunday and they were already closed), we just stopped in for a quick beer to check it out (actually, Carrie only had an iced tea and I had a beer).  It seemed like a nice place and the one beer I had was good, but we never ended up going back.  (We liked Mackinaw better, and it was much closer the hotel.)

Other than the brewpubs, there’s not much to get excited about beer-wise in TC.  The couple of markets we visited had a small selection of import and craft brews, but what was there was overpriced.  That’s too bad.  If you’re into wine, however – well, that’s a different story.  (I’ll get into that in a later post.)


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