A Wonderful Day

It’s a wonderful day today.  Yesterday, history was made, and today the world is a better place because of it.  There’s really not much to say that hasn’t been said more eloquently elsewhere.  I’ve been watching the polls and the political markets for the past few weeks (not the polls that they were showing on the news making it seem like it was going to be close, the polls that were showing exactly what happened last night) and therefore had no doubt how things would shake out.  Still, I’m relieved and more than elated.  Like many Americans today, I cannot wait for January 20, 2009 to arrive.

I do want to mention McCain’s concession speech.  I was appalled at the behavior of the crowd at his rally.  Here was McCain trying to graciously concede the election with some dignity and class (and the best speech I’ve ever heard him give – it was truly inspirational), and people at his rally actually booed when he mentioned Obama.  It was nothing short of disgraceful.  The people who did that are nothing more than petty, ignorant children.  It was an embarrassment to the entire nation.  I hope at some point in their lives they look back on that moment and feel shame and regret about their actions.  Unfortunately, people like that usually have no shame.


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  1. I thought the interesting contrast was when Obama mentioned McCain at his rally, people cheered. I wonder if they had seen how bad the McCain crowd looked and made a conscious effort to show how much better they can be.

  2. @Jim – I remember reading that post, but can’t access it now because the filter our school uses blocks your site as being “Alcohol” related!  (We’re supposed to eventually get local filters that’ll tie into Active Directory and allow us to open sites based on group membership, but for now I have no control over it.)

    @Don – I forget what channel we were watching at the time, but during McCain’s speech they were also showing the people in Grant Park respectfully watching him give his speech on the monitors set up there.  So, yeah, it’s possible that their cheering McCain was a direct response to the people who booed Obama.

  3. I was under the impression that the Obama rally only had monitors showing the stage, and not TV.  The monitors at McCain’s “rally” had, I believe, CNN showing, which kept going back to the Obama rally.

  4. No, the people at Obama’s rally were definitely watching McCain give his speech.

    What we didn’t get to see (thankfully) was the people at McCain’s rally watching Obama’s speech.  I’m sure that was a sorry display.

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