A Not-So-Perfect Storm

Readers react to David Pogue’s review of the BlackBerry Storm.

A couple of choice quotes:

I think there’s an important distinction between quality control (whether or not something works as designed) and quality of design. This device fails miserably in both categories.

The bottom line: BlackBerry has created the Zune of touchscreen phones.

I think the lesson here is, if you’re going to try to imitate Apple, you’d better make a product that’s better than what they already offer.  And by better, I don’t mean just claiming more features; I mean better design and implementation.  I think that’s the problem with companies like RIM and Microsoft, they focus on “features, features, features” and simply neglect design and usability.  And, when I talk about design here, I’m not just referring to how the thing looks; design has a major impact on usability.  That’s something people fail to grasp when they take Apple to task for focusing so much on design.


2 comments on “A Not-So-Perfect Storm

  1. I think it’s funny that Blackberry failed.  I don’t know if they were trying to imitate Apple so much as get into the full touch screen market.  After all, the G1 is doing quite well and more Android phones are in the works.  While the G1 isn’t the best in design, it’s quite functional.  I have a feeling Blackberry just couldn’t leave their corporate roots behind to make a good enough device.

    I’ll likely be getting some kind of Android phone for my next purchase sometime next summer.

  2. Yeah, the G1 has potential.  But your right, I think RIM should have just stuck to what they know.

    The reason I say that they’re imitating Apple with the Storm is because they openly mocked the iPhone when Apple announced it for not having a keyboard.  Then, the iPhone turned out to be a huge hit.  After that, it just makes the Storm look like a “me too” device.

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