Stupid Outlook

Why, oh why, can’t Outlook figure out that if I go into my “Sent items” folder and pull up an email I set to someone, and hit reply (because I want to follow up that message with more information) that I’m not trying to reply to myself!?

Seriously.  Other email clients get this right and put the person that the email was originally to as the recipient, why can’t Outlook?  (And why can’t I remember this when I’m using Outlook and continuously accidentally sending emails to myself?)


6 comments on “Stupid Outlook

  1. Really?  I guess I hadn’t noticed because I really only do that (reply to a message that I sent) when I’m at work.

    I do know Yahoo! mail does the right thing and addresses the message to the original recipient.

    Of course, just because Mail gets this wrong, too, that’s really no defense!

  2. I’m actually pretty sure Outlook Web Access from Exchange does the right thing (I don’t remember though) and I think Entourage (MS’s mail client for Macs) also does the right thing.  I’ll have to try both of those at work today to see.  I know Gmail does.

    I’m also pretty sure that Thunderbird (at least the last time I used it) did the same thing as Outlook.

  3. Yup, you’re right.  Entourage does the same.  You’d think people who made email clients would change that.  I guess it’s easier to just have it reply to the sender across the board (which in a sent message is yourself).

  4. Sure it’s easier, but how hard is putting an “if/then” statement in the code that checks to see if the message is in the “sent items” folder and handles it appropriately?

    Oh, well, guess I’ll have to live with it.  In Mail on my Mac I could probably write an AppleScript that fixes this, but I would have no idea how to do that on in Outlook on Windows (Visual Basic, I assume – but I don’t know how to do anything in VB).

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