Shut Out

Well, so far I’ve been completely shut out from getting Phish tickets.  First, I wasn’t able to get tickets through the pre-order lottery.  Today, I tried through LiveNation, even though I had bad experiences with them before and vowed to never use them again. 

Well, I was actually able to keep my vow, since their website couldn’t handle the traffic created by the onslaught of Phans trying to get their phix.  (Who’s idea was it to put all those concerts on sale at the same time, anyway?) After trying and trying to connect, finally connecting only to have it time out, then trying to re-connect (wash-rinse-repeat), by the time I got through (40 minutes later) all that was left were lawn seats.  I’m not a fan of sitting way out in the lawn for concerts, so I passed. (From what I’ve read elsewhere on-line, even if I’d tried placing the order at that point, there’s a really good chance that it still would have timed-out and not went through.)

Seriously, you would think that a website intended solely to handle ticket sales would be designed to stand up to sudden, heavy increases in traffic.  It’s ridiculous (and I mean that quite literally – they should be ridiculed for their incompetence) that the website would become that unresponsive just trying to fulfill its primary function.

I might try again tomorrow when the Alpine Valley tickets go on sale, but we prefer going to Deer Creek.  It looks like we may end up having to go through a ticket broker. This was always our fall-back, but not the ideal choice.  Luckily, we know someone who knows someone who’s a ticket broker, so hopefully we won’t get screwed too badly.


3 comments on “Shut Out

  1. I was lucky enough to get tickets through the lottery, but man, today was ridiculous.  It makes me wish Ticketmaster was still handling tickets.  Their site may have gotten slow from the traffic, but never went down completely like this a minute after tickets went on sale.

  2. Yeah, I never thought I’d say I prefer Ticketmaster to an alternative.  But, LiveNation is no better than Ticketmaster when it comes to fees and they can’t seem to handle high demand events.

  3. I’ve actually now been hearing that more actual fans have been getting tickets because the scalpers weren’t willing to wait quite as long (2 hours yesterday before people actually started getting through).

    It’s still annoying though.

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