Last Chance for Karma Downloads

UPDATED – (I accidentally posted before I was finished writing it!)

If you haven’t gotten around to downloading Days Go By or Basement Sessions from iTunes, this is your last chance.  I’ve decided to pull the digital distribution of both albums.

This was a two part decision.  First, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.  Since the band is no longer active, and I don’t want to continue trying to keep track of sales of the cover songs (for licensing purposes), it just seems like the time.  It was nice having it out there, and it was a incedible looking at the sales data and seeing that people in different states and different countries had purchased our music.  Think about that.  People who had never heard of us, in different parts of the world, had somehow found us on iTunes and liked what they heard enough to buy our music.  That’s a great feeling.

Secondly, I’ve been contacted by another band that wants to change their name to “Call it Karma”.  I’ve asked the other former Karma members, and no one has a problem with this, so why not?

Of course, I’m going to leave the physical CDs for sale until they sell out (fat chance, especially for the EP – I’ve got cases of those lying around), so the music will still be out there.

The other side of this decision concerns this website.  A while ago I snagged the domain, which currently points to here.  However, the site is configured as  I’m going to change that (probably this weekend), and I don’t know how it is going to affect the RSS/Atom feeds. They may suddenly stop working.  So, if you’re subscribed to either feed, make sure you check back to update your links to the correct feed.