Another New Toy

Well, I’m finally replacing my home computer.  Not a toy, really, and the upgrade is long over-due.  I’ve been using the same system for over six years now.  It’s the 17″ “desk lamp” iMac G4.

Six years!  That’s a testament to the value of owning a Mac.  People complain about the price vs. PCs (which isn’t really that big of a difference to begin with, spec-for-spec), but the average life of a PC is only three years.  I’d say I got my money’s worth.

Anyway, I ordered the new 20” iMac that Apple announced last week (with upgraded HD and memory – I know, upgrades are usually a premium with Apple, but with the educational discount, the upgrades really aren’t expensive).  I’m also getting Logic Express 8 pre-installed, and threw in for the all-in-one printer deal.  I’ve had my Epson printer since I got the original Graphite iMac*, so it’s pretty much out lived its expected usefulness (and barely works anymore).  Plus, it’ll be nice clearing some desk space by replacing the printer and scanner with a single unit.

With the upgrades and options it’ll take a little extra time to ship, so I’ll be running in “extremely anxious” mode for probably about a week and a half!

*The Graphite iMac is currently in use on Carrie’s desk – so there’s another testament to the value of owning a Mac.  (But, she’ll be happy to finally get rid of it and get the “desk lamp”.)


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  1. I’m on the verge of replacing my old PowerMac G4 (going on 8 years old!). The main hang-up is finding OS disks so I can wipe the hard drive. I’m most likely going for a mini, although a 20” iMac is tempting (or better still a 24” like I had at work back when I had a job).

  2. You can probably find disks for just about any version of OS X on eBay.  (Actually, I think I have every version up to 10.4 – unless I cleaned house and don’t remember.)

    The 20” is enough for me.  The 24” is a better deal (given the specs), but it won’t actually fit on my desk (because of the hutch).

  3. I have spec’d out PC’s vs Macs in the laptops and you save about $200 for the PC spec for spec, exactly the same, even with the education discount.  If you go spec for spec, you’re going to have a PC that’ll last just as long as a Mac.  We have computers here on campus that have been in use for 5-7 years and they started out as lab machines that get royally beat on.  It’s really a myth that Macs last longer.  The real difference is that the standard configs don’t change as quickly as they do in PC hardware, simply because Macs have no competition and Apple can get away with it.  Sure, if you buy the cheapest PC you can get for your money, it’s not designed to last more than 2-3 years, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.  If you spend a bit more, it’ll last even longer.  I’ve been using my current PC for about 4 years now.  My previous one, while it had some upgrades, is about 6 years old with the last upgrade it got (I use it as a Linux box now with Ubuntu Server).  Prior to that, it was purchased 6 years prior.  The original hard drive that came in it is still alive and kickin’.

    Apple still rapes you on upgrades, especially memory.  It’s a bit ridiculous, really.  The only memory that they don’t overly rape you with is the new DDR3.  We upgraded my MacBook Pro to 4 GB of RAM for something like $80.  Apple wanted about $600 for the upgrade.

    All this being said, I want a Mac Mini as a media center PC.  I just wish they’d release an HDMI adapter for it and had put blu-ray in it.

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