FedEx Still Sucks

I’ve written before about how much I hate FedEx, and, given the choice, will always opt to ship or receive packages via UPS.

Here’s a perfect example:

Last week, I mentioned that I bought a new iMac, and that I ordered a printer with it, since there’s a $100 rebate when you do so.  It looks like the computer and printer shipped from different warehouses.  The computer shipped Monday via FedEx; the printer shipped Tuesday via UPS.  According to the tracking data, the printer (UPS) is on the truck and will be delivered today.  The computer (FedEx) is still sitting at the hub in Reno, NV.  Even though it shipped sooner, I likely won’t get the computer until tomorrow or (even more likely) Monday.

This is my biggest complaint with FedEx.  UPS will deliver your package as quickly as they can.  If you ship “Ground” the package will probably get there within a day or two.  (My experience has been that UPS Ground packages usually arrive the next day.) FedEx, on the other hand, absolutely will not deliver your package until the guaranteed time has passed.  If the “Ground” option is 3-5 (business) days, there’s is no way the package will arrive any sooner than three days.  Most likely it will take the full five days for the package to be delivered.

It’s almost like FedEx goes out of their way to not deliver packages any sooner than promised.  In the above example, the package has been sitting at the hub for two days now.  There’s no reason it can’t move along, they’re just holding on to it.  It’s as if they don’t really care, unless you spring for overnight or 2-day.  I think that they think that taking a long time to deliver Ground packages will push people into paying more for the other services.  Well, they’re wrong.  It just pushes me to use their competitor.

I really wish online stores would disclose who they’re shipping with, or give you a choice.  Like I said, given the choice I would go UPS every time.  If I knew my only option was FedEx, I would likely just order from someplace else.