Poor Planning

When I originally set this page up, I did it as a sub-domain to the Call it Karma website.  I recently moved the site to its own domain, but the original sub-domain still worked, so any links to the old sub-domain still worked.

Well, since I’m in the process of transferring the domain callitkarma.com to another band who wants to use that as their name, I’ve been doing a little house cleaning.  The first thing, ironically, was moving the old Call it Karma website to a sub-domain of this site.  The new home of the old Call it Karma is now here.

Then, I had to go and update all of the links on this site that pointed to the old domain to point to the new sub-domain.  This also included fixing all of the links, in every post on the site where it occurred, that pointed to either the old Call it Karma domain, or the sub-domain that this site used to reside on.  That was a severe pain in the ass!

Well, honestly, I never really thought I’d have to move the old Call it Karma website, so there’s no way I could have foreseen this.  But still, part me thinks I could have planned the whole thing out a little better from the start.

By chitowngeorge Posted in Personal