Surprising Hold Music

So, I’m on hold with my web hosting provider to change my account settings, (it had occurred to me that I no longer need some of the features that came with the business class hosting and I could downgrade to the “home” package for half the cost) and the hold music took me completely by surprise.

It was the theme music to Mystery Science Theater 3000.

I don’t think hold music has ever made me laugh before.  Feel tortured?  Yes.  (Like the time I was on hold for an extremely long period of time listening to the same five Elvis songs repeated over and over again.) Laugh?  No.

(Also, the song played directly after “Love Theme from MST3K”?  Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.)

So, I’d like to know:  Have you ever been caught off guard by hold music?  What was the strangest, best, or worst, hold music you’ve ever heard?