UnMac-Like Behavior

I’ve come across several apps over the years that exhibit unMac-like behavior.  Usually, these are apps ported to the Mac from the Windows world, and usually they’re business apps (it’s funny how the people who write vertical market apps don’t pay attention to details).  Well, I’ve just come across the worst unMac-like behavior I think I’ve ever encountered.

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve recently updated Safari to 4.0.  Prior to that, I was able to connect to my work’s Citrix server and launch a desktop session right from the browser.  Well, the Safari update seems to break the Citrix plugin, so I had to re-download and re-install it.  Now, when I click on the link to launch the desktop session, it downloads the .ica file, which I have to then double-click on to launch the Citrix client (I don’t have Safari set to automatically open files after they complete downloading).

Anyway, after I finished my desktop session by logging out of Windows I started working in other apps, but after a few minutes I noticed that the Citrix client icon was still in the dock.  So, I ⌘-Tabbed to the client and hit ⌘-Q to quit the app.  Nothing happened.  I hit ⌘-Q again, and again, nothing.  So I pulled down the application menu and saw that the Quit option didn’t have ⌘-Q listed as a keyboard shortcut!  In all my years of using a Mac, I don’t think I’ve ever come across an application that didn’t utilize ⌘-Q to quit.  Of all of the unMac-like behavior I’ve ever come across, this has to be the worst!


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